Day of rest 08-21-2019 18:29:37

For a long time I didn’t rest for good. He put off all the projects and rode mushrooms all day. The most interesting thing was that the place where I simply poked on the map and decided to go for a check was much more successful. - Google indexed 4 page (login).

In the evening, I completed one task on a third-party project for the customer, and also transferred the text for the User Agreement in two languages to Google documents.

The project is developed 08-20-2019 05:37:21

The main page of was analyzed by Yandex.

I do functionality by tags. They will be needed to categorize tasks - I think in most cases it will be something like health, sport, work, project, household chores, education. The question is - what is the best way to do this - save these tags in a separate field, or in a common field, as for example done on Instagram and VKontakte. Perhaps I will make a separate field.

Think less, do more 08-19-2019 08:02:00

Woke up at 07-40.

It has been several hours since I woke up. And I just studied the implementation of the code on other projects. Lying, gathering my thoughts. I strike ideas on paper. I have a lot of ideas, ideas, but there are much fewer actions. You just need to take and do something ...

It's strange - I work on other people's projects much more productively than on my own. Like 2 different people. Probably connected with responsibility, earnings. When you create your project, you hold and mentally decide a bunch of things related to development, payback, and prospects. And when you do for someone - in principle, there are much fewer tasks, just take and do what they say, well, and offer the most optimal solution to the problem.

I poured myself tea, I decided that I would complete 1 task. Posted photo on instagram.

The time is already 14-32, and I'm still doing a profile editing page. At the beginning of the layout, I chose the design, then I looked for which avatar to take, so that it was the default. I found this resource for generation:, but I’m too lazy to generate it, so I’ll just take it in another place, otherwise I’ll spend a lot of time on it.

In the evening, despite short-term, but heavy rains, several kilometers passed, I breathed in air and thought.

Costs 08-18-2019 07:08:24

The domain name - 933.84р
Domain name - 162р
Hosting - 1062.66 p. (6 months)
The data is likely to be adjusted a little later, taking into account the costs of the commission.

Of the shortcomings, there is also the fact that the domain must be removed from the Yandex black list - it housed a site with prostitutes. I forgot in one year to renew a domain and someone bought it. I talked, agreed that a year later put up a domain for auction and I can return it to myself. By the way, for the domain, he directly offered him to transfer 15,000 rubles, but he then refused. And so it happened - I was able to buy my domain back at auction for 1200 rubles. Thank you so much to the previous owner.

As you can see, there are more and more tasks. Listed all the projects that I think about. Who wants - take ideas, we will compete ...

Google indexed 3 pages of Before that it was 2 and a registration page was added.

I set goals 08-17-2019 03:56:43

Very often I think about of different business ideas. I categorize all the material, think through, detail, sometimes make up a technical task. As a result, after a few days I begin to greatly appreciate the idea, it seems to be almost realized (a lot of time has been spent thinking it over)! That's just most of the actions on this end. Now I want to try something other...

So far, only a few tasks and the second blog post have been created, but I'm already tired of manually translating through google translate. There was an idea to connect Google in some way, so that it translates into the language I need.

09-12 2.5 hours have already passed since I woke up, but i didn’t do anything on the project. Most of the time he again went to rest and think about ideas.

In the evening, when I went to the car shop for spare parts, I met friends whom I had not seen for a long time! We stood and talked. This is how it always happens - when you start to do something, you don’t know at all where it will lead. For this, I’m trying to create my own project.

Tomorrow you will find out what expenses I currently have ...

I do not know what to write :) 08-16-2019 11:24:27

It's not true. I know, it’s written on a piece of paper, but I’ll post it here later

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