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Waiting for visitors 08-30-2019 08:01:46

From what I see - search engines are not satisfied with the current picture - they do not consider the site to be something valuable. I will fix it.
To begin with, today I will try to significantly improve the resource, namely:
- Create separate pages for the blog;
- Remove links to missing files on the main;

I started making separate links for the blog yesterday, I read a lot and watched videos, tested them. It is difficult to learn new knowledge, but the resource will not do itself.

I stopped again and spent a lot of time studying the operation of triggers and functions. In general, I make sure that for each user his records begin with 1 and then increase in order, independently of other users.

Where to buy a domain? 08-29-2019 08:54:39

At the moment I am using several registrars. In descending order of the number of domains:
<a href="" target="_blank">RegRu (russian domains)</a>

All morning spent on searching where it is better to store international domains. I will go here: <a href="" target="_blank">NameSilo</a>

Meanwhile, a second visitor appeared on the site - perhaps this is my acquaintance to whom I talked about the site. I’m studying information on how to make beautiful static addresses for daily recordings.

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Where to get visitors? 08-27-2019 07:34:53

It turns out that the site has links to non-existent pages. Today I’ll redo the 404 template and insert Google analytics there, as well as add links so that you can get to the main site and watch the contents.

Made several tasks on the customer’s site.

I’m thinking about taking and copying and pasting a large user agreement, well, having read and removed unnecessary points, and only then modified it slowly. And then you can do it for a long time ...

The beginning of a new work week 08-26-2019 06:15:34

Yesterday I created migrations and screwed functions into tasks. In theory, I can almost combine multilingual tasks among themselves. It remains only to finalize the fields for introducing tasks in the admin panel.

In the morning when I woke up I thought that blog posts are still not being indexed. Perhaps for everyone you need to create your own unique address, as is done on Vkontakte or Facebook. In general, you have to study the triggers, because the address will consist of a constant part - the user identifier and a variable part - this is a post counter, and for each user it should start from the beginning. Probably many of these technical details will not be interesting, so I will not paint them anymore.

Finally, I created multilingual tasks in the admin panel. It remains to be finalized so that at the end the tasks in both Russian and English are automatically closed.

So - the site is still 1 person a day - it's me. The completion of tasks works, but the design is malfunctioning (something is cached there), you have to press ctrl + r in the browser to clear the cache. The design is standard. I think someone will say that in so many days he has done just that, and I can do much more - and he will be right too. But I have already created a working draft, which, despite all the above disadvantages, you can already promote and advertise. Many projects do this, but bugs can be fixed in the process.

Developed a single completion of multilingual tasks!!! Facilitated greatly the work itself))

We start from the bottom and get ready to climb 08-25-2019 07:16:48

Tired of constantly doing a bunch of actions with the English task at the end of the Russian. You have to copy the completion time and manually put the same mark and date in the English language. It’s probably time, for convenience, to make the tasks dependent.

An idea came for the text on the main one. I’ll write that this project is great for promoting your startups and advertising. Why? Because investors will see the development of the project, daily steps, updates, etc. So you can create a history of changes on the startup website, but damn I need keywords and visitors ... I'll try to attract. As a result, he wrote something about millions of users, potential advertisers and investors. He also composed keywords by taking them from competitors and from the sites,

I looked at the statistics of visits on sites - consistently 1 person per day. This is me. Ha ha ha

It would be nice to install Yandex.Metrica. I created the code and it turned out that Yandex.Metrica can be installed through Google.Tags. It will be necessary to read, and then - and set it up.

I read 80 pages of the (mobile) book "Just Cosmos. A Workshop on Agile-Life, Filled with Meaning and Energy," by Katerina Lengold.

The site is slowly being indexed 08-24-2019 18:30:25

After I made a redirect from to in Yandex, the next day several pages of the domain were indexed.

On the photo with the mushroom on Instagram, 28 likes are 2 times more people than usual. Here it is the power of likes. When you like someone, others also thank you for that.

When in the evening I walked in the park there was an incident for which I was a little ashamed. The words are so harmless, but messed up a little :-D :-D :-D It happens ...

Maybe I should work... 08-23-2019 05:50:13

I saw that Yandex included a lot of pages from the domain, but only 1 page from .net. You can check the number of indexed pages like this:

I do not like this situation, I decided to fix it and set up a redirect from to

On Instagram, I uploaded a photo with a birch tree and hashtags. Now I’m still enjoying some photos with mushrooms and will also like me in response. So it works. Like it doesn’t matter, so far it’s a potential resource for me, I can attract people from it to wolq over time.

I have installed Google Analytics. The interface of their site is confusing and inconvenient, despite the hints ... This is something with something ...

I went to the store, and at the same time I walked. The path was 6 km. I bought shawarma with pork and sweet melon and decided to please myself.

I am drinking coffee. I think about the development of the project. I advise everyone not to idealize their site / project, but to try to look through the eyes of the person who first got here. This greatly helps development and new ideas. Let's analyze the site. The topic is generally incomprehensible, there are no features, there are no users or activity, there is unique information, but not much. What can be done? To begin with, probably fix the appearance of daily recordings. Now there is one large text canvas. Add pictures. Allow to leave comments. Prepare and place a description of the project and its distinctive qualities that is understandable to the user. So far so - gone to write down tasks and translate ideas into reality.

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