Privacy Policy

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1. What does this Privacy Policy cover

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) covers any information, about you that may include personal data as defined by applicable laws and regulations (“Personal information”), which individual Eliseev Konstantin Igorevich (“Wolq”), may obtain when you use any of the websites, programs, products or services, including its search, e-mail, map, storage service or any other program, product or service (collectively, the “ Services ”), information about which you can find on,,,, and other Wolq websites (collectively, the “Sites”), and as well as during the performance of any contract or agreement Wolq conclude with you in relation to your using the Services.

Please note that your using any of the Sites and/or Services may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which may amend and/or supplement this Policy.

2. Who processes your personal information

To provide you with access to the Sites and Services, your Personal information is collected and used by individual Eliseev Konstantin Igorevich, ITN 434523721004, registered at Kirov, Kirov Oblast, 610020, Russia. You can find information about the entity, which provides particular Service, in the terms of use.

3. What is the purpose of this Policy

Privacy and security of your Personal information are extremely important to us. When you use the Sites and/or Services, Wolq processes your Personal information and ensures its protection in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

As part of our commitment to protecting your Personal information, we use this Policy to transparently inform you about the following:

(a) why and how your Personal information is collected and used (also, “processed”) by Wolq when you access the Sites or Services;

(b) Wolq’s role and responsibilities in this context as the individual deciding why and how your Personal information is processed;

(c) what instruments you may use to limit the amount of Personal information collected by Wolq;

(d) and what your rights are in relation to the above processing.

4. What type of Personal information is collected by Wolq

Personal information collected when you use the Sites and/or Services may differ depending on whether you access the Sites or Services while logged in to your Wolq user account or without logging in. When you are logged in to your Wolq user account as you are using the Sites or Services, Personal information collected by Wolq may be collated and combined with other Personal information (such as your identity, contact details, age and gender, if you shared this information with us) collected by Wolq in your user account. Wolq does not verify Personal information provided by you unless otherwise provided in the Terms of Use or License Agreement of relevant Services, and does not decide the its credibility or whether you have the legal capacity required. However, Wolq assumes that the information you provide is true, sufficiently complete and up-to-date.

Personal information collected by Wolq when you access, interact with or operate the Sites and/or Services includes:

(i) information provided by you when you register (create) a user account, such as your name, mobile phone number, address and age;

(ii) electronic data (http headers, IP address, cookies, web beacons/pixel tags, browser information, information about your hardware and software);

(iii) date and time of accessing the Sites or Services;

(iv) information related to your activity when using the Sites or Services (e.g. your search history, content of your messages together with attachments, as well as files stored in Wolq systems).

(v) (geo)location information;

(vi) other information about you that needs to be processed according to the terms and conditions of any specific Wolq Site or Service;

(vii) and information about you that we may receive from our Partners in accordance with an agreement you made with this Partner and an agreement between Wolq and this Partner.

In addition, Wolq uses cookies and web beacons (including pixel tags) to collect your Personal information and associate this Personal information with your device and web browser (see Section 11 below).

Wolq does not actively collect any sensitive personal data (such as racial origins, political opinions, health or biometric data) unless specified in Terms of Use of relevant Services. However, you may voluntarily provide us which such data and we may process it as part of providing you with our Services (e.g. if you perform search queries related to your health or create tasks to improve your health). As we do not know in advance the potentially sensitive nature of the personal data you may provide to us, you must be aware that we may not be able to request your consent with such processing.

Wolq does not perform any form of profiling, which has the potential to significantly impact your rights and freedoms in accordance with applicable laws.

5. What are the legal basis for processing your Personal information and the purposes of it

Wolq is not allowed to process your Personal information if it does not have a valid legal ground. Wolq will therefore only process your Personal information if:

(a) to better understand how you interact with our Sites and/or Services;

(b) to enhance, maintaining accessibility, modify, personalize or otherwise improve the Sites and Services for the benefit of all users;

(c) and to offer you other products and services from Wolq or other companies which we think can be of interest to you (i.e. personally-targeted advertising).

(iv) for specific purposes or if consent is required under the applicable laws and regulations, we may ask your consent for processing of your Personal information. In those jurisdictions in which consent is the legal basis, you provide such consent by agreeing to use our Sites and/or Services. We hereby inform you, and you hereby acknowledge, that you have no legal obligation to provide us with any Personal Information when you use the Sites or Services, and the provision of it is solely based on your free will. However, you are aware that without the provision of Personal Information, we will not be able to provide you with Services and your use of the Sites will be limited.

Wolq always processes your Personal information for a specific purpose and only processes Personal information which is relevant to achieve that purpose. In particular, we process your Personal information for the following purposes:

(i) to provide you with the Sites and/or Services;

(ii) to provide you with access to your user account;

(iii) to contact you to notify and/or inform you or request information from you in relation to the Sites and Services, or to execute our agreements with you or process your request or application;

(iv) to personalize advertisements and/or commercial offers based on your preferences, search history and other Personal information available to Wolq;

(v) to improve user experience, including offering more relevant search results and more personalised Sites and/or Services, as well as improving other Wolq products, applications and services;

(vi) to develop new products, applications and services;

(vii) to protect your rights and the rights of Wolq;

(viii) and to collect, process and present statistical data or big data, or perform other research and/or analysis of Personal information.

6. How Wolq protects your Personal information

In most cases, Personal information is processed automatically without access to it by Wolq.