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Forward to success 09-09-2019 07:37:06

Today, I finally figured out the code and made the existing tasks tied to the posts that were. Now all the information for the day is available in the corresponding daily entry.

For tomorrow I planned a trip for mushrooms and lingonberries. While summer, you need to get out into the countryside more often - if only so, since it’s not on vacation

Productive day 09-08-2019 06:59:55

Today I woke up early, but at the same time I slept. He did exercises and sat down to develop a functional for attaching tasks to blog posts.

Also, one idea came to mind. Since no one registered on the site anyway, I decided to remove the private tasks and leave only open ones. In the future, I can make private, but for the money. Why so, you ask? Public tasks will speed up the project faster, and private tasks will most likely just load the hosting, slow it down and eat my money. Yes, and sites where you can place private tasks have already created a large number of ...

Unproductive day 09-07-2019 19:24:00

The second day, there’s no desire to do anything - I mostly think over ideas, get enough sleep and part of the time I walk outside and breathe fresh air, but in terms of productivity, I don’t do anything on the project. Today I posted photos on Instagram with a fragile spindle - a lizard that met during a trip to the forest. Also polikal other people's photos with a cowberry hashtag.

There are many ideas, but now there is no strength to do them. This is not laziness, it just happens sometimes — you cannot be active and too hardworking all the time. Sometimes it is necessary for me to slow down and reflect on goals, priorities.

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A trip to the forest area for relax and mushrooms 09-05-2019 19:21:19

I did nothing on the project during the day, as I traveled mushrooms for forests a hundred kilometers from the city. It was also possible to collect a little lingonberry.

Cool! The first users from the USA and China 09-04-2019 14:42:38

Today, the first user from the USA, Chicago, visited the site! It is strange that only on a Russian-language site... And on an English-language site - today the first user from China, Beijing! And this is awesome! The project begins to gain momentum!

Notes for yourself 09-03-2019 07:01:53

It was only prettier and higher to put a link to the user, as the search engines Google and Yandex quickly saw the page. By the way, the Russian-language site is better indexed.

In the evening I wanted to do something according to the project, but in the end I went to the garden, took unnecessary things there and took some of the vegetables out. What for? Everything is very simple. This task would still pop up in my thoughts from time to time, and so I did it and the fad turned out to be completed.

I also arranged and agreed on time that on Thursday we would go pick mushrooms.

Looking for... 09-02-2019 10:28:30

All morning choosing a template for the main page. I want to make her more beautiful. I also looked for free templates for landing pages on English, Russian, and Chinese sites.

Knowledge Day 09-01-2019 12:13:17

When there are a lot of tasks, you don’t know what to do. I set a goal - to complete any 3 tasks for today, even small ones.