Everything goes as it should 10-09-2019 17:22:29

I went to the tax office, asked a few questions - though I didn’t receive any particular answers there, it’s understandable - it’s difficult to understand any application features without preparation. And such consultations, in contrast to the written form, also essentially mean nothing. I also saw that answers came to questions from the tax that I asked through the site. It is a pity, though, I did not receive any notifications about this and thought that so far they have not been answered. He asked a few more questions that I was interested in about online booking offices already through the site - it’s more convenient for me and him.

I wrote a letter to the manufacturer of the online cashier. They have information on the website that developers can temporarily be provided with a cashier for tests + Mass-size mock-up of MGM FN 1.1. I’m thinking about developing a service on my own that will communicate with the cashier.

He also completed several other useful tasks not particularly related to business. Recently, I often have to call and resolve issues.

Slowly going to the goal 10-08-2019 19:07:18

I bought an online cashier Terminal-FA, Fiscal Storage for 36 months, the services of the Fiscal Data Operator from Yandex for 36 months. Now I wait while they deliver.

I work slowly 10-07-2019 12:10:50

I wrote a complaint to Rostelecom - I'm tired of just monthly calls. I study information on online cash desks, I choose from whom it is better to order the Internet, I read about OFD, I study the characteristics. A lot of information, but just reluctant to overpay, since there is no profitable project yet, which means I want to minimize all costs.

Eh 10-04-2019 10:23:02

Something the projects are not progressing at all - I am not doing anything on them, but I think a lot. Many will say - laziness, procrastination, but in my opinion this is not entirely true. Most likely, a lot of energy is consumed by thoughts, as well as various reasons why not hunting to do. For example, the current project I do not like the convenience of creating tasks. Just like that - it would be normal to create, but you need to in several languages, then it is desirable to fasten it to projects. And all this needs to be developed, thought over the structure. There are many ideas, but there is no implementation yet. It will be necessary to somehow get together and take everything to do. Still, for example, there is nowhere to write out ideas - theoretically, you can create a separate project for them, but so far there is no binding of tasks to projects. With time zones, again, something did not grow together, you need to understand why the list is not displayed and display it. Although the reason may be that I do not really want to do a project so much? I do not know...
This is how some projects develop ...

Still a bulletin board 09-30-2019 10:49:55

I think you should start your project all the same with a bulletin board - you can try to choose a narrow topic and promote it. Moreover, the code can then be used for different topics, which even I have previously had about 5-10 pieces, although it is not clear at all about the payback period. Of course, there are ideas to create a free one, and it’s even possible to put sources on this site for download in exchange for some actions on the site. But all this is still ideas. By the way, I thought that it would greatly increase the attendance of this site, if at all lay out what can be downloaded, some useful things, scripts, possibly information bases. And in theory, you can try to take money on additional services - such as installing scripts on a hosting, setting up, hosting partner, etc.

I think too much... 09-27-2019 10:32:34

I think too much about time zones and development, but I do little. As it is. As for time zones, I will most likely dwell on the following - the database will store the creation time and task execution time in UTC format - the zero time zone, and also create 2 additional fields - the creation time zone and the completion time zone. Thus, I can always attach tasks to daily entries and the display time in them will be the one that stood by the user, and sorting in which case can be done by the same fields with a zero time zone. Something like this...

Work stopped 09-26-2019 19:37:43

Ahahaha. Work stopped due to some trifles - time zones. The idea was such that all the tasks made during the day are attributed to one blog entry. Suppose I added a task at 01-00 09/26/2019. If you do not take into account the time zone, then it will be 22-00 09/25/2019. Further more. How to relate a record to a certain day - well, suppose the record was assigned to 09/26/2019, since this is the user's time zone. But what if the other user has a different time zone - how will he view it? He should be shown the post date 26 or 25. If the post date is made static, then what about the task date? In general, stick in wheels out of the blue...

New method works 09-25-2019 05:53:35

Yesterday I completed several tasks using the new method. Now I’m developing time zone settings so that they can be set in the profile - after all, around the world the day begins and ends at different times, and this must be taken into account when creating tasks. I partially take the code from open source on the github, but I will rewrite it.

I write on a blog and in tasks, not all matters, but only a part, which mainly relates to the development of current projects. I do not write some information on other aspects of life or on other projects, because I’m not ready at the moment to make my life completely transparent for the Internet community. But here is what you can be sure of - that at the moment there is no earnings and I am creating a project just in the hope that it will be profitable. In which case, of course, I’ll take out a web studio, but I’d like to show that it’s not like all that I can create my own project.

Paid fees as FE, 9500 to the wind. Today, by the way, I called up about online cash desks, I think I’ll buy one of these days.

Today I work on the project 09-24-2019 05:32:19

It is snowing and cold outside, you can sit over a cup of coffee and do the tasks of the project.

In the issuance of constantly flickering blank legal site, which is located on a subdomain. It is necessary to transfer it to a separate domain, and then as much as possible.

Day, too lazy to work again. He lay and thought how to motivate himself. It is clear that I can get a job and there you want to do the projects you want, you want to do it, and at such times I am usually very hardworking and productive. Why, when I try to make a project for myself, everything goes much quieter. I think the reason is that when you are doing a project for yourself you are not sure about the end result - will your work justify, will the business bring money, will people need it, and you will start thinking instead of acting. A bunch of different options are spinning in my head, you don’t know what to do, because you are afraid to make a mistake. When working for someone - this someone takes this responsibility upon himself. Also one of the reasons - I want to make a unique, perfect project, although I already understand that this cannot be achieved, the ideal project cannot be done, it’s a utopia. In these thoughts, I spent part of the time.

In the closet I found an old diary with lined pages already in 1989. Then you must not forget to attach a photo. I decided to make a call. There are 18 lines on each sheet. I’ll try to write the task in 1 line and if the task is completed on the current day, then I take this line out of the diary, twist it and put it in a jar to motivate me to complete it. This is a kind of visual indicator that I am doing something necessary. The more such tasks are completed, the greater the chance that I will benefit not only myself, but also other people - and money, this is essentially what people pay for what benefits them. And the challenge is to tear out all the leaves by January 1. What to do if the task has ceased to be relevant or it is impossible to complete it until it has been invented - I will orient myself along the way.

Okay, I’ve thought up everything so well. In theory, everything is beautiful, but in practice we will see how it will be...

This is trouble. I wrote the task of creating projects. There are tasks, and you need to write a functional so that you can attach tasks to projects. It seems everything is simple, no, I'm sitting thinking about the structure. He also painted sub-tasks, which he carried out in separate tasks, so that it was easier to perform. Anyway, until Choate did not help much. For example, one of the questions is whether to generate an id in order for all projects in general, or for each user there should be an id in order. Id should be numbers or use uuid, so that in the future it would be easier to do multi-server and horizontal scaling. In the end, to solve the problem, attach only to 1 project or to several at once. It seems to have spoken out and it has become easier - there is no need to do everything perfectly and think through, perhaps it is necessary to realize everything so far in the simplest way. Further if that - I will finalize.

Gardener 09-23-2019 19:54:17

The weather is unstable - it rained in the morning with snow, then hail, puddles, cold, and when I went by car the sun suddenly shined, and I did not take sunglasses. But in general the day went productively - I moved the extra things from the apartment to the garden, bought a primer to continue the repair - I will have to somehow take up it again. In the garden, he collected all the apples, parsley, beets and completed a couple more tasks, including a little help to friends. The site did not work.

Why am I writing this - it’s very simple - all these things are not very willing to do, but it’s better to do them, so as not to think about them anymore than to postpone it for later.