Where else to get ideas for business? 09-23-2019 06:24:20

An excellent idea came from where you can get ideas for creating your information products and services - these are sites with the purchase of electronic goods in a fold. There are a bunch of categories and you can choose the most popular and create a competitor.

List of Website Design Ideas 09-21-2019 12:35:00

I set the task for myself - to write a list of just ideas on which you can create a website. I don’t know what I will do with this in the future, but for now I’m sharing what I have come up with. That's all corny.

- Meeting website;
- Website for work at home;
- Vacancy website;
- Website for manual crafts;
- It is possible to open some sales resource and at the same time officially arrange for those who sell their products. Pay all taxes accordingly;
- A site for trips to nature;
- Taxi
- Just from time to time to send nice messages or just some kind of subscribers. It is possible to write for this bot.
- Solid Waste Site. ZeroVist and stuff like that ...
- Bulletin board for handicrafts. In stock and on order.
- Oratory
- Car service
- Tow truck
- Car sale
- Sale of pastries and confectionery
- manicure
- A site with recording functionality for some procedures, or generally recording events for other sites.
- Clothes sale
- Try to find customers first
- Sports website, exercises, courses.
- Website for the transport of goods
- Construction
- Selling sites
- Promotion in social networks
- Massage
- Hiking with mushrooms and berries
- Sports
- walks
- A site about companies, general events, some targeted ideas, groups united by a common goal
- A joint procurement site, or rather, to implement the most important convenient feature
- Website for cosmetic procedures.
- Website for hair care, hairdressing services.
- Cosmetics. Eeeeeeevon)
- SUVs
- bike rides, cycling groups,
- A site for excellence, success. Like everything is in your hands, leadership, self-organization, you can do more and everything in that spirit.
- Dance site
- Website for clubs
- Communication site
- Site for relaxation, relaxation
- Bath foam
- A site for changing your life
- Study site
- Website for photos, information for instagrammers
- Instagram Ideas
- Skin care
- Shoes
- Underwear
- Opening a business
- Customer search
- A rated site, what to choose
- Read the site with reviews, see what people write about, what they are interested in
- Site for psychological courses. By the way, it’s quite possible to give any advice online
- Joint trips to the mountains
- Cooking site. Exchange recipes for every day. Who eats what, what cooks daily and possibly budget.
- Cleaning site.
- A site for camping vacations or even an offline business in general. Like to take people out for the night and give out tents.
- Relationship site
- Website for self-development books
- Emotions and impressions
- What to do with yourself
- What to do when there is no desire to do anything
- Website and offline mushroom basket selling business
- Website for generating congratulations. Maybe paid
- Tips when it’s worth it and no one can help.
- How to develop your business if there is only 1 hour per day.
- Website to share emotions, boast
- draw sites with courses
- A site for statistical analysis of offers on other sites that is in demand, etc.
- Online games site
- Website with complaints about anything
- Website how to write complaints
- Generation of complaints
- Rest site
- Legal Aid Website
- Painting
- Karaoke
- Products from polymer clay
- A site for the rental of apartments, real estate.
- A site with pictures of cats, animals funny.
- Site of soft toys
- A site with selected anecdotes, stories, stories that you can fill in pauses.
- Website for jewelry
- A site about hiking. Hiking routes
- Site about preparations for the winter.
- The functionality of recording clients somewhere.
- A site about cafes.
- A site about the beautiful places of the city.
- A site about entertainment.
- Mass events
- A site about the sale of mushrooms and berries, canned goods, honey.
- A site about the sights of the region.
- Write a parser that collects some information, processes it.
- A site about automation of actions.
- Website for home accounting, accounting, spending expenses.
- Website for communication with customers
- Generation of cookie processing rules
- Contract generation
- Generation of acts and accounts
- Generation of user agreement
- Website for water filters
- Slimming site
- Bioadditive website
- Website for calling customers, methods.
- Work at home.
- Website for ideas for advertising
- Project task
- Fun site
- Website when there is nothing to tell
- A site with different information for self-development.
- A site with sayings about what infuriates and annoys

Why exactly sites? Because most of these topics for creating your own business are of little interest to me.

So, Google wrote that the page with blog entries is not optimized for mobile devices. Checked - you need to add the hyphenation of long words, increase the size of the text and increase the indent between interactive elements.

Another long task completed 09-19-2019 17:39:25

Today, despite the rainy weather and dampness, I was able to go and carry out a task that for the fourth month now and then surfaced in my head and reminded me of myself. You could still delay, but did not.

Now a summary of attendance. The English version of the site has been visited by 16 users all the time, and the Russian - 12.

Workday 09-18-2019 10:24:23

I fixed bugs on a friend’s site and developed tariff editing in the admin panel.

Many thoughts, few things... 09-17-2019 19:40:26

The last few days, I’m mainly studying the issue of online booking offices, I still can’t make my choice. What is surprising - everyone, in addition to cost, also has a rental / subscription fee, well, this is no good. Why there are no solutions for your computer or at a lower cost. Prices start at an average of 450r per month. By the way, all this prompted the idea to create a page with an overview of online booking offices, so that later it would be easier for others to understand and no longer spend so much time on reviews, ratings and other advertising information.

And so today he has completed a fairly large business for himself. I took vegetables and some other things from the garden that I had wanted to take out for about a week already. The work has been completed and in the head this task is no longer hanging and does not distract from other affairs.

Online cash register 09-15-2019 18:02:49

Today I studied information on online cash desks and thought a lot. The government is talking about supporting small businesses, but in fact the nuts are tightening more and more, and barriers to entering the business are increasing. For example, in order to create an online store I have to buy an online cashier, conclude an agreement with the OFD, buy a fiscal drive for 36 months, connect the Internet. Well, and probably some other service for auto payment to connect. In general, 40-50k per year will rise. Why can't the same payments be somehow made through a tax website? That's cool done by a self-employed citizen. There, taxes are immediately calculated and checks are created through the tax website, but why is it that really makes life easier — they are tested only in 4 areas, and online cashiers are introduced everywhere and right away?!

The car was repaired 09-14-2019 00:00:00

The car was repaired

Day of resolving issues on the car 09-13-2019 00:00:00

In the morning, I drove to a friend’s director and received a small salary - I help to improve the site’s position for certain industrial products and a deal was made, a small percentage of which I received. There is quite a bit. But he went, talked with him and with the employees, had not seen each other for a long time.

In the afternoon, I mainly resolved issues related to the repair of the car - I chose oil, walked a lot.

How I came home - I fell asleep, really today I spent a lot of energy.

In the evening, I did one task for the customer to improve the exchange, and so I decided to make entries in my blog.

New day 09-12-2019 00:00:00

Today I am solving issues related to auto repair - the power steering rack has flowed - I restored it last year, in this I will buy it looks like a new one. Very expensive! As a result, I agreed with a car service, a tow truck, and also found 2 places where racks are sold, but in one case, by pre-order, you have to wait a week.

11-09-2019 09-11-2019 00:00:00