I go further 10-31-2019 09:06:03

Over the past days, I sent several more papers. I just can’t force myself to come up with an idea that I like and at the same time easy to earn at a small point in time. So far, there is no particular desire to get a permanent job in a design studio.
In general, there are a lot of ideas. You can create a bulletin board, become an intermediary, create your own search engine, promote a design studio. But all this is quite a voluminous project for which it is not known when there will be money. Therefore, I decided that I would start with a small one - I’ll fill out on my website the opportunity to order a feedback form. And also I will find and write free ways how users themselves can install it. Among those who will read the article 100% will be those who are too lazy to do this on their own and are willing to pay a relatively small amount.
Still need to draw up a written complaint. I still can’t sit down, print, scan, sign a couple of acts.