Day 9. Mood

I woke up early, spent some time promoting my account – subscriptions, likes on the hashtag good morning. Since the desire to subscribe to business accounts has disappeared, I discovered a new hashtag of the book. Authors of such accounts will most likely not offer participation in online pyramids, but rather delight subscribers with useful …

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Day 7. Facebook

This is actually about the fifth attempt to launch the project – so the WOLQ Facebook page has already been created. I just added a link to Instagram to my contacts. In the morning, to feel even better and more alert, I decided to start doing physical exercises again. Push-ups: 20. Squats 20; 5 pull-ups. …

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Day 3. Stroll

Walked around the city. I just walked and breathed fresh air. Breathing in fresh air is useful – thoughts begin to work better. The route was 5.7 km. You can walk less – the main thing is to go outside, change the environment. Okay, okay. What we have at the moment. A blog that no …

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