34. Formed small savings

In recent days, I agreed with customers to perform several more tasks on sites. Over the weekend, I managed to engage in professional self-development and slightly improve my skills and experience in system administration. There were also meetings, documents, appeals. By the way, the idea came to my mind to create a service with templates of legal documents that will help citizens draw up applications to various authorities. For myself, I decided to record at least some of the tasks performed on the portfolio site – korw.ru, so that potential customers can see my skills and roughly understand my level of professionalism. Today, for example, I added actions in recent days, and also described the skills and technologies that I encountered while working.

From food I began to buy more fruits, especially apples, I also bought fish – pollock, in general, I have a desire to start eating healthier. I also started to pump the press, as I got a little fat.

Well, and most importantly, today 3 months have passed since the opening of the deposit and I closed it safely. I started it with a minimum amount of 1228 rubles and low interest rates – 2.2%. At the moment, the amount of savings amounted to 19125.96 rubles. During these 3 months I put aside savings in travel expenses, savings from installing a water filter in comparison with buying. Also, one of the good additions, who remembers – I was able to fix the iron by disassembling it to the last screw and putting it back together, so I also put the amount for the purchase of a new iron on the deposit.

Perhaps I am not very interested in writing, but at the current stage it does not matter – you have to do as you can and try to develop. This is better than doing nothing, since ideal actions always take a very long time and require a lot of energy.

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