33. I earn a little

In recent days, I was mainly engaged in finalizing the plumbing site with a large amount of self-written code on the Minisite CMS, or rather, fixing errors in it. It took a lot of time to understand the peculiarities of the code’s work – but in the end I figured out everything and today I have completed the functionality. It’s nice to help people solve some problems that you can handle. And it’s interesting to me. The customer is also satisfied.

Also yesterday I put the vaccine against covid – I am not campaigning for anyone, whether to put it or not is a personal choice of everyone. So yesterday I decided to refrain from walking in the heat. Today I made up for lost time and walked many kilometers on foot to the other side of the city, and then back.

Even today I wrote a letter to the FAS about advertising SMS and calls, or rather sent them copies of the agreement and consent to the processing of personal data. By the way, one of the companies that, in my opinion, violated the law, was recently renamed, which is good news. When I made up my consent, I decided to make a template and added a header with the details, as well as with the number of the letter entering the FAS or outgoing from them. It will be a little more comfortable for them to work. There was also an idea to create a website that would facilitate the creation of letters and documents in such structures. I think it will be in demand.

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