30. Applications to the FAS for advertising calls

Development is not progressing yet. Today I wrote an application to the Federal Antimonopoly Service against an incomprehensible organization for servicing gas meters. In theory, the company has a license, but I had great doubts about their actions and professionalism. This company does not even have an office in my city, in my opinion it is also a law on advertising, and does not behave very correctly. There are suspicions that they are simply snatching expensive and not always really necessary services under the guise of legality. In general, in my opinion, the company was created not for real service and assistance to people, but to divorce them for money and offer services at greatly inflated prices under the guise of an official license. I also wrote a statement to an advertising SMS, which came to my phone. There was another advertising call, but at the same time it was not found in the details of Megaphone – I asked them for additional information on this matter. Strange, there was an incoming call, it spoke for 50 seconds, even the audio recording was preserved, but the details are empty. Okay, in general, to the best of my ability, I am gradually fighting this type of advertising spam.

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