28. Day of Russia and the day of the Kirov city

The weather is pleasing today, and taking into account the holidays, I decided to walk more and look at least a little at the events. On the main square, they told about the history of the city, near the circus, duathlon competitions (cycling and running) were held, and on Spasskaya Street there were a lot of people and some kind of fair. There will be no fireworks in Kirov today – concern for the health of citizens and budget savings.

Yesterday I got a message from a customer who I helped to update the site and remove viruses – he promised to pay me more money. I did not raise the price for him, I just said that I had spent a lot of time, and in the process of implementation additional difficulties arose that were not foreseen. In any case, money is important to me, but they are not the main thing – after all, this is the main solution to the problem.

Today I also wrote to one of the customers – he has been waiting for a long time until I have free time. There is a self-written system with goods and it is necessary to develop a rather complex functionality – variations of these goods or product offers.

Evening. I sit at home, and the wind rises on the street, there is a fresh, a little even for some reason a forest, mushroom smell. It may rain soon, although the forecast is not expected.

Walk: 7 km; Push-ups: 20; Squats: 20 Pull-ups: 5

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