26. Performance

Some kind of incomprehensible feeling – I don’t know what topic to take on. In general, I woke up, drank coffee, read several articles about various projects, startups and artificial intelligence. I got the customer’s consent to work – and now I’m sitting down to fix the functionality of that site.

In general, I updated some of the modules, but 1 could not. Likewise, the system could not be updated on the site – a change in the PHP version is required. I contacted support – ready to change.

The day somehow passed quickly. By and large, the efficiency of the restored site is the main thing. I spent a lot of time setting up a bundle of technologies for docker for drupal on a computer – but next time it will be faster. Poorly appreciated the work.

Walk: 4.5km; Push-ups: 10; Squats: 10 Pull-ups: 3+4

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