25. I don’t know where to go

Something, again, some kind of gag. The startup that I am doing for the customer is progressing with difficulty and not at the pace that was planned – fatigue has accumulated. I don’t know what to take, what to study, what to do.

One of the old customers wrote in the morning – something broke there, not edited. It turned out I looked through a couple of letters that he sent about a week ago. Sat down, answered all your questions.

Also early in the morning, a locksmith came to fix the battery – it leaked a little during crimping.

As a result, I spent a lot of time on the site, which has something broken. I wrote to the support service, wrote to the customer. In general, you need to deal with the error. In the evening I already looked around and wrote down the price – 1000 rubles for updating the site and fixing this error. Most likely, the modules have not been fully updated by someone. This price is quite low, in theory, it was necessary to ask for more for the time spent.

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