23. Sunday

The plans were to set up the server, but it requires specific knowledge that I do not have – from this I decided to postpone and take a walk. Right before leaving, they called from the store and said that they were ready to exchange the curtains for the curtain. Imagine, a year has passed since the purchase, and they went to meet me! I went and exchanged it. I put the money that I would have to spend on the purchase of new roundings in the amount of 220 rubles on the deposit. In total, there are now 3926 rubles, and started a little less than a month ago with 1228 rubles.

Then I walked about 7 kilometers. I walked to the beach along a muddy road with a bunch of puddles and all in order to photograph the dredger. As I understand it, he was brought specifically to clear the bottom of the river in this place.

It is evening now, 19-47. I’m trying to sit down and complete a server setup task. In general, instagram and blog are useful things. Yes, maybe I write banal things, but they help to develop.

Push-ups: 20; Squats: 30 Contribution: 3926 rubles.

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