22. Life moments

A year ago I bought a curtain and only now I got around to hanging it. And this happens … And you do everything at once and do not put off anything? It turned out that the manufacturer put the wrong attachments to the curtain, and due to the peculiarities of the packaging it was impossible to see it. In general, a year has passed, I opened the packaging and found a discrepancy. As a result, I went to the store and wrote a complaint – the chance is small, but it may still be replaced. I will hope, although to be honest I have already seen these mounts in another store for 220 rubles and if they refuse, I’ll just buy them). And the text was written due to the fact that we are often generally afraid to seem strange, to declare disagreement with something. And as the sellers said in the store, we are not the first to come with such a problem, and the store is large, so the opportunity to exchange with the manufacturer and bring small plugs will not bring significant monetary damage. If it were a small shop, I would not even carry such a statement in this case.

The iron is still broken. Without any thoughts, I just decided to disassemble it and see if I can understand what the problem is. It turned out to be difficult to disassemble – a bunch of screws, hidden latches. There were probably even more screws than when disassembling the laptop. I was even ready to throw it out and almost broke the plastic in one place – but as a result I disassembled it, cleaned it from dust, it worked by itself and I collected it. I put the savings of 1,300 rubles in the amount of the cost of a new iron on the deposit.

By the way, about the contribution. A few days ago I walked through the whole city. I also put savings in the amount of 52 rubles on the deposit.

Push-ups: 30; Squats: 30 Pull-ups: 5 + 5; Walk: 7.2km; Contribution: 3706 rubles.

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