21. Reflections

I completely stopped writing posts here – it’s a bad thing, the project is bent as usual 😂.

Let’s start with the negative points. Last week I received offers to go to the mountains and go to participate in competitions in the region. I declined on both offers. For the most part, probably just an internal one, or not ready, or xs of what, or maybe just excuses. And I don’t like to participate in competitions since childhood.

I also probably pay too much attention to the Internet – I need to switch the focus to real life. It’s a good idea to take, stop and look at the room, for example. In front of me is an empty computer table (I’m a fine fellow), but behind another table – on it for a long time there have been folders with papers and other documents that I cannot make out. Hands do not reach in any way. There is also a hanger with a bunch of clothes on it, which just wants to tell me: “uh, man, winter is over! Put everything in the closet! ” There are also several obligations that I have undertaken and which it is desirable to fulfill.

And what is positive? For example the fact that I recently cut my water costs. In the beginning, instead of purchased artesian water, I bought a filter jug, but after a month it stopped filtering scale, although the taste of the water did not change for the worse. And when I came to buy a replacement filter, after a little thought, I bought a flow-through filter for the sink. The installation was offered for 500 rubles – it’s generally a penny, but I wanted to do everything myself, and I didn’t want to overpay for the installation. By the way, at such moments we hear mostly stopping messages from our relatives “the sink was not drilled, otherwise it will crack” or not very suitable “Let’s drill the tabletop”. All due to lack of experience, if a person does not face this, then there is fear and a desire to prevent negative consequences.

To begin with, I went and bought new hoses for the sink, as they need to be changed from time to time, a transparent sealant and a new hose to the siphon. I also bought a 12 mm drill for ceramics, an 8-10 wrench and a 160 mm drill for concrete. At the beginning I thought to drill with this drill, but the shop assistant immediately said that the artificial granite sink is perfectly drilled with metal drills. I took the 8-10 key from the kit a long time ago and use it to connect the battery to the car and I bought this one as a replacement. And a drill for concrete once lent to a neighbor, he promised to bring a new one – and probably a year has already passed, it still carries – he also bought a replacement. So it turns out that one action led to the purchase of several things at once, which it was desirable to buy, but all were postponed due to the fact that they were not very necessary.

In general, I installed myself this Aquaphor Trio flow-through filter. I decided to drill the sink from above, did not remove it. It is necessary to drill artificial granite with drills for metal at a low speed – I did it with a screwdriver. In general, now I have a new faucet and filter installed and I was very glad that I did it myself – I was bursting with pride for several days. Who cares – in the beginning I bought artesian water. Then I bought a filter jug, but it was enough for a month – i.e. would have to buy a new filter cartridge every month and throw away the plastic a lot. And now I switched to a flow-through water filter – for the money it turns out to be the most profitable. It should be enough for about a year. Resource 6000l. Friends use flow filters Geyser, Aquaphor, Raifil. All of them are enough for about a year. At Raifil, the service life can be safely multiplied by 2 – the family is large there, and it probably cleans better, since there is a filter with 5 cleaning steps. In general, I will test. I did not notice the difference between artesian and filtered water. If the opinion about the water from under the filter changes, I will make changes to this post.

And as usual every day – morning exercises and walks for about 5 km. I have never missed it. By the way, in addition to push-ups and squats, to morning exercises, I began to slowly add simple rotation with my hands. Also, during the day, I usually pull up several times.

I also donated the saved 500 rubles for the installation and 600 rubles for water (it has risen in price, now it costs 40r / 10l).

Now let’s see what’s going on with the accounts on Instagram. This means that in Russian, I have unsubscribed from almost all accounts during these days. Some of the subscriptions were transferred to the English language. The layout looks like this:
Russian Instagram: 208 publications; 405 subscribers; 79 followings
English Instagram: 27 publications; 324 subscribers; 4,038 followings

Push-ups: 25; Squats: 25 Walk: 5 km; Contribution: 2354r

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