20. Busy days

Yesterday I was overwhelmed with work, but in the afternoon I decided to get out somewhere again. This time I went to the opposite part of the city – to the park on Fileyka. I took a walk, took a lot of good photos, and the place there is quite picturesque. I also went down to the spring, in general, I did not spend my time in vain. He returned home through the whole city on foot – and this was no less than 7 km and the money saved on the trip transferred 26 rubles to his own contribution.

On account development – posted stories and photos from this walk. On that day, I did 3 times more push-ups than usual. By the way, this is how long I have been doing exercises and exercises at home – a month, probably, the results have become quite noticeable visually. I will not take pictures of myself, but I have pumped up my muscles, and my figure has become slimmer. The main thing is regularity.

Not many people know, but I’m also an Individual Entrepreneur. And now the deadlines for the submission of any documents, reports are approaching, so I devoted the end of the day to such uninteresting activities as calculating how many contributions in the form of taxes should be paid, checking the details, and also re-filling and sending the questionnaire to state statistics, since I accidentally discovered an error. There, the data turns out to be entered in thousands of rubles, and I entered in rubles – and some site just highlighted a warning about this. This is how entrepreneurs work – purely by chance.

I called statistics this morning – the phones were all busy. As a result, I wrote them a letter. Most of the day I was solving issues related to my main job – startups, the day was very difficult. Well, in the evening I went for a walk around the city.

I also decided to start freeing the Russian account from left-handed subscriptions. All beautiful or interesting accounts (except for those with whom I communicate permanently) I send to English, and I just delete some. Apparently such a stage has come – I want to develop and now I understand that the main thing is still interesting content.

Yesterday: Push-ups: 25 + 20 + 20; Squats: 25 Pull-ups: 5 + 3; Walk: 10km
Today: Push-ups: 30 + 20 + 20; Squats: 30 + 5; Pull-ups: 3 + 5; Walk 5km

Russian Instagram: 202 posts; 403 subscribers; 1 196 followings
English Instagram: 21 publications; 293 subscribers; 2 708 subscriptions
wolq.ru: 42 visitors per month
wolq.net: 34 visitors per month

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