19. Opened a deposit for 1228 rubles

Subscribers are slowly starting to show activity. Today I mainly answered various questions, communicated a little in dialogues and wrote responses to comments. Also, all sorts of incidents and funny situations began to happen.

I randomly follow the accounts, mainly those recommended by Instagram. Yesterday, as it turned out, I signed up for a not very popular Internet page of a store selling lingerie – where my subscription was easily noticeable. In general, the manager of this store jokingly wrote to me – “What is it, Konstantin? Are you really interested in our clothes? In this case, I suggest that you also pay attention to another account selling underwear and women’s swimwear.” He laughed, wrote about the reasons and apologized for distracting them …

Today I walked around the city and went to the beach for the first time in a long time. It lies away from the main roads and therefore usually few people go there. Yes, and everything is in the snow now.

And today I finally opened a deposit for 1228 rubles. I have long wanted to save some of my income. Interest rate: 2.2%. Term 3 months. The income will be 6.81 rubles. I hope in the future the amount will become tangible, and I will always have a financial cushion.

726 rubles – a one-time official payment (in addition to individual entrepreneurship)
26 * 2 = 52 rubles – savings on travel (I like to walk)
450 rubles – I used to pay every month for artesian water, but now I have I bought a filter and this is also a kind of savings

Squats: 20; Push-ups: 20; Walk: 6 km; Pull-ups: 10

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