18. A new day and a new trip to the forest

Spring has begun today, no, not calendar, but real. All day long the warm sun was shining and warming with its rays. I even had to open the window – it was so hot. And this wonderful spring, fresh air. In general, I could not work for a long time and again I wanted to walk through the forest – this time along the Zarechny Park, walk along the ecological path. And why is it interesting that I have the strength to do this – whether it is spring, or the need for rest is simply affecting.

I must say the road was already partially in puddles and part of the way had to be overcome through snowdrifts on the side. The trail turned out to be crowded – it turns out that I am not the only one who wants to relax and walk in the woodlands after a working day. There were enough cars, but at the same time there were not so many people on the way, as it happened once on weekends. Still, you need to get there again. Among other things, he diversified the route and even reached the river, making a sideways retreat. I saw some fishermen there, looked a little at the frozen, but in places with slight thawing of the river and continued the route.

I covered the first part of the path on foot – taking pictures, typing slides for future posts, but in the second part – I even wanted to go for a run, which I decidedly did. By the way, the clothes were suitable – because of the weather, I did not wear a fleece for the first time – but was in a T-shirt and a jacket.

At home, I decided to look at the account settings on Instagram and switched to some kind of professional account. There it was required to fill in 3 posts – which I did, dividing the photos into 3 parts at once. By the way, in the future, I will most likely publish photos separately – still, few people usually scroll through them. Uploaded stories as pictures.

Also, among other things, I found the accounts of celebrities and began to subscribe to them – these are the most popular on Instagram. It seems that I even received a warning that I was doing it too actively. By the way, after some time, subscribers began to comment on the posts – mostly they were my friends, with whom I have been communicating on Instagram for a long time.

Push-ups: 25; Squats: 25 Walk: 12km; Running: 1 km.

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