17. Trip to nature

I haven’t been on the blog for a long time. And this post is actually me in hindsight. The usual work sucked in to the fullest and there was not enough time or perhaps an effort of will to describe everything here.

Spring. It is the usual middle of the working week. Everyone has become more active, they are running somewhere, I am running along with everyone. The day turned out to be intense and fruitful. Recently I have been working hard on a project for a customer, completing tasks, finalizing the code, fixing errors. Yes, I’m pretty tired, but I’m not complaining, I just tell it as it is. The last time, literally yesterday, I thought that it would be nice to go to the forest and almost decided, but at the last moment postponed the trip to the future. Although it would seem – only 30 minutes by bus. And the closer the time comes to the end of the day, the more clearly there is a desire to slow down and get some fresh air. And that day has come.

The day turned out to be wonderful, but you feel all the beauty only already on the spot, here, outside the city. Blue skies with thin stripes of multicolored clouds, a huge yellow golden sun, a spring evergreen forest and a walk along a narrow path that I had never walked before, but surprisingly well trodden. As it turned out later – horses are being walked along it, which I encountered in a narrow place – I had to cuddle up to the edge as much as possible and let them pass. They, in turn, slowed down and gently walked past me, and when they were already at a distance, the snow underfoot creaked treacherously and one of the horses shuddered. A trifle, but it was remembered. So – such a seemingly large, even huge horse, but is afraid of some small sounds. Of course, from that path, I immediately decided to go back – there is no need to interfere with the owners.

Walked through the forest, took many beautiful photos. Before leaving, I saw that the horse came to the edge of the paddock and a family was standing near it and taking pictures. I also came up and took a couple of pictures and a short video for the story on Instagram – you can go there and watch. In general, it was a good end to the day and the fatigue was partially gone, it became morally easier. On the way back, when I was already sitting in the bus, I admired the beautiful bright orange sunset, which illuminated the whole sky and the closer I got to the city, the more clearly dark buildings were drawn against this wonderful bright golden background.

Upon arrival home, I posted stories and a post on Instagram, and for the first time in a long time I wanted to paint it all beautifully.

For those who read me for the first time, I will repeat myself – already from the very beginning of blogging, and in fact even before that – every day I definitely go for walks in the fresh air (although the city can hardly be considered that way, but this better than sitting at home). Yes, there were times when I didn’t want to go out at all. I also do a little morning exercises every day – mostly my favorite push-ups and unloved squats :).

Push-ups: 25; Squats: 25 Walk: 6 km.

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