Note 16. Stopper

In fact, everything is fine. A couple of days ago, after a long break, I finally went for a run. The most difficult thing was to choose clothes for the weather and find headphones. The rest was easy in principle – the pace of the run was calm, without unnecessary maximalism. At the same time, I wrote down a few photos and posted a post and stories. In a couple of days, this post will get 45 likes, which is even more than the article about telephone spam. Most likely, for most people, the topic of running responds and they either run themselves or really want to start. I also pulled up 7 + 5 times, did push-ups on the uneven bars 5 times.

These days I have been doing tasks for my main job. I post photos from the walk. Everything that happens – there is no desire to describe – so you only have to read those small events that I wanted to talk about. I wrote about the digital signature, received an answer to my questions. Today I went and got this signature, and for the stories I took pictures of the theater and filmed ducks. By the way, the ducks went with a bang – a lot of responses – if you are interested, go to Instagram. There the women were feeding the ducks, and I just walked over, sat between them and began to shoot. As a result, for a better shot, they threw bread just near the lens a couple of times – spectacular shots turned out.

And so I keep thinking about whether I want to become a blogger? I probably still do not have a great desire to talk about my life and constantly shoot myself on video. Here’s a blog – ok, my theme.

Yes, remember – my site fell out of Yandex because of a Zen blog? So, I just put a link to the corresponding blog post in each Zen entry at the end of the article, and the pages of the site slowly began to get into the index again. And in this way everyone will see that the original is on my domain and go there.

Walk: 5 km; Push-ups: 25

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