Note 15. Excluding a site from search and promoting an account on Instagram

Hello everyone. For the most part, the last days were quite ordinary and did not go beyond the scope of something new, so I will talk about them in this single post.

Yandex excluded the site from the search, or rather removed all blog entries. Why did this happen? The answer is simple. At the beginning, I post the entries on the site, and then, after a few days, I post them on the blog on Yandex.Zen. Most likely, with duplicate content, Yandex algorithms give preference to Zen – well, right, their own resource, it’s better to advertise yourself. In general, I will try to link to the site in Yandex.Dzen – so at least some transitions will be there.

Over the past few days, I have finally transferred all subscriptions to a single account on Instagram. I also subscribed to several new ones, liked someone a little, talked with a couple of people. I posted photos from the walk and selfies from the apartment.

Also today I went to a meeting at the FAS. For those who do not know – the Russian Standard Bank called me 2 times by a robot – in response to this I wrote a complaint to the antimonopoly service. It was examined and the bank was found guilty of violating the law on advertising. At the same time, the bank itself wrote that it happened by mistake of the operator. And that the operator called by voice and dialed the number manually, and so on 2 times. The advertisement was found to be inappropriate, they were issued an order to eliminate violations, the case materials will be transferred to an official to initiate an administrative offense case. For the most part, I went through this path for self-development and in order to understand what to do in general in case of receiving automatic calls to which I did not consent.

Walk: 5 km; Push-ups: 20; Squats: 20. 189 posts; 360 subscribers; 940 subscriptions 8 publications; 63 subscribers; 450 followings

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