Note 14. I decided to make a plan

I woke up early. I poured myself water with lemon and ginger, drew up a plan of tasks for today and wrote it down in a story on Instagram. To be honest, I don’t like creating plans and task lists, somehow I can’t act on them. That is OK. Plus or minus once does not hurt – but suddenly I get used to it.

The plan is this:

  • Morning work-out
  • Write an agreement
  • Renew digital signature for tax
  • Write a list of pending tasks
  • Stroll
  • Move 3 pages of notes to computer
  • Account promotion

I sat until 10 in the morning, subscribed to different accounts, put down a few likes. Also did the exercises.

In the end, I did the most important thing in a day – I filled out the contract, inserted the details and sent it for verification. A little later, you will need to print it out and create all sorts of invoices, acts. Also, a lot of work was done to promote the account – I combined my personal account with a Russian-speaking one and transferred some of my subscriptions there. Over time, I will transfer all the rest. At this stage, I would like to note that how much time has passed there, in the account that was created I posted 6 publications (one-time) and attracted up to 45 subscribers to the account without any financial costs. At the same time, he himself subscribed to 469 people. These are the results. The results will now be mixed with my main account. There are approximately 320 subscriptions.

EDS could not be extended – the certification center did not work, but he asked his questions. Look at the idea of ​​an EDS, many companies sell with a built-in Crypto Pro license and they do not even have a mention in their price lists that EDS can be sold without this license. At the same time, there is an analogue of Crypto-Pro (we will not consider it) and there is an option that you can buy a perpetual license of a crypto-pro one-time. This business pays off for about 3 years of use.

I did nothing on the list of pending cases and transfer of notes and records to electronic form. I put it off until tomorrow.

Walk: 5 km; Push-ups: 20; Squats: 20.

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