Note 13. Not a very good mood…

The mood due to the large number of things to do. It is necessary to prepare documents for the tax office, draw up an EDS and deal with all sorts of contracts, acts and other paperwork. Not a hunt at all. As a result, I decided to go get some air and only after that do these things.
While I was still sitting at the computer, I decided why postpone and unsubscribed the question about the digital signature through the feedback form. There, in theory, an invoice was issued, but it was 300 rubles more expensive – it included a program that I did not need. It was possible to place a new order, but again it was necessary to fill in a bunch of fields. I’ll go to these paper cases myself.

As a result, I went for a walk to put my mood in order and breathe fresh air, and then some kind of anger from all the paperwork. I went and got some air – it seemed like nothing, good. Then I bought another bag with putty – already the third in a row. This is so, a small matter, which turned out to be quickly completed. The more often we do a certain thing, the less effort and time it takes to swing.

In the evening, a letter came that to renew the digital signature, you just need to, as I have time, come to the office with a passport and a USB flash drive (since they already have the documents).

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