Note 12. Impasse

The mood seems to be normal, but I don’t know how to develop and where to go. The results in sports began to improve – I wanted to increase the number of exercises, or maybe the weather just affects. Yesterday I posted simple photos from the walk in the form of stories. I saw that the story was watched by 2 people, one of whom is my friend, and the second is an unknown account with 70,000 subscribers. This I am now talking about the English account. With the Russian-speaking, it is generally not clear what to do, whether to unite or not. While the stories are spreading to the main one. There are certainly more people watching.

Idea: upload more live stories from video.

I also need a plan, but honestly I don’t like to act according to the plan. More precisely, there is a plan in my head, but when it is written on paper, it eventually gets boring to act on it. But you still have to try again.

Push-ups: 25; Squats: 25.
Walk: 7km; 7 posts; 13 subscribers; 55 subscriptions 6 publications; 18 subscribers; 125 subscriptions 6 visits per week 9 visits per week
Yandex.Zen 12 visits per week

As you can see, people start to visit blogs slowly. Yandex.Zen is especially happy. And I do not post this anywhere else. Live people also watch Instagram – these are the stories that I post. Several people are watching for fun. I also want to note that it has become easier to speak with a voice. This is a common skill. The more training you have, the easier it will be to find words and communicate. Subscribe, as you can see, on the sly to other people, so as not to run into a ban. If you subscribe to bloggers with a million people, then subscribers slowly begin to appear in your account. The same is true for business topics. People log in from their second accounts and subscribe for advertising. But this is the initial stage.

Today I went to different stores, looked at the prices. Yes, I’m usually too lazy to do this or uncomfortable – I don’t know, but I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes. So I decided to change this too. I bought myself another jacket. Inexpensive, but the view is beautiful, adidas. Selfie calmly uploaded to Instagram, although the photo did not work out very well. I’m not worried about this, and I’m even mentally ready for the fact that subscribers will unsubscribe (I also uploaded this photo to the main account). First of all, I train indifference. I still can’t watch the video on earnings, which was sent to me. It will be necessary to find time and watch. People who uploaded the link ask, are interested.

Even today I watched a live broadcast of one of the business bloggers on Instagram. She positions herself as a professional in promotion and she was asked for advice from a subscriber and listened to her with pleasure. She also said something about humanity, kindness, openness, although in fact, she personally does not cause such emotions in me. Just a few days ago, when I subscribed to her, she said that since I became her subscriber, she has a gift for me. The gift turned out to be a link to the site, where, in order to receive it, you need to send your name, mail, phone number, email and Instagram account. At the same time, the user agreement contained the text “User agreement here”. In a conversation, I asked to send a gift by e-mail, but she refused to do this. Considering that the personal data will turn out to be fig knows where – why don’t I need such gifts 🙂 – I naturally did not fill in anything.

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