Day 11. Studying information

I missed two days, because I didn’t want to write and do anything about development. On the contrary, he even made accounts closed. Now, briefly about what happened during these days.

In the morning, one of the contacts who actively advertised to me Crowd1 blocked me for having dropped a link on Youtube, which provides a complete exposure of the company. It’s a pity, of course, but that’s how people get into network marketing, and by the way, almost everyone is cooking in their circle, seeing and recognizing only what is characteristic of this circle. It’s just that at the beginning I was persistently invited several times to this company – I refused and gave the reasons. The person did not understand this and from time to time dropped videos from other participants and from the official website crowd1, how “good” everything is, to which I responded by uploading videos from the Internet and official resources about how, on the contrary, everything is not very good in the company .. In general, to be honest, I am against advertising pyramids. Personally, I don’t need enough money to advertise it. At least for now.

Also these days I constantly went for walks and sports. One day I was even able to pull myself up more and push back – I felt a surge of strength. From under the accounts, I looked at some stories and read a little posts related to the promotion of my accounts and, in general, advice from different people.

Began reading Alexandra Mitroshina – Promotion of personal blogs on Instagram. While I read a little, I already knew most of the information – just to know and apply different things. For myself, I also decided that I would most likely combine a Russian account with a personal one, so that it would be easier to maintain.

Today I bought myself a cool Quechua jacket, cut my hair, shaved and posted a photo. In general, I don’t really like to go shopping and buy clothes – I have to force myself. You can see the photos on Instagram. By the way, yes, on new accounts I can subscribe to others again. This time, I have significantly reduced the number and now I subscribe a little and slowly like it.

ruwolq: 6 publications; 18 subscribers; 90 subscriptions
netwolq: 7 publications; 8 subscribers; 28 followings

Push-ups: 20; Squats: 20 Walk: 4.5km.

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