Day 10. What to do next? To read?

Instagram wrote out a warning and offered to change the password due to the fact that, in their opinion, I passed the account to the cheat services. And I didn’t. Usually I was sitting with a computer, and then I went on my phone to turn off invitations to groups to reduce spam. Perhaps I also made a lot of subscriptions – but damn it, I only subscribed to a few interesting accounts with such a normal period of time – I chose only interesting ones. And I put a little likes in general.

There are also problems with the English account. In total, I subscribed to 20 accounts and I can’t anymore – Instagram has limited subscriptions. Also started chatting with someone in English.

A few thoughts. For good posts you need a camera, now the quality of the pictures leaves much to be desired. After I created accounts – I began to log in to them all the time – it distracts. I will reduce the time of checks.

The site also receives a lot of spam comments, but today one of them seemed normal. There I was thanked for the post. I published this comment, although I previously removed sponsored links from two places. This is how initial marketing works. Was there a comment? Was. Just removed the excess and answered it 😀

In the evening I posted a couple more stories. In general, I think we need to think over the normal content and already lure them. While there is no strength, the main work takes a significant amount of time.

Walk: 4.5km; Push-ups: 20; Squats: 20 Pull-ups: 5; Dips on the uneven bars: 5.

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