Day 9. Mood

I woke up early, spent some time promoting my account – subscriptions, likes on the hashtag good morning. Since the desire to subscribe to business accounts has disappeared, I discovered a new hashtag of the book. Authors of such accounts will most likely not offer participation in online pyramids, but rather delight subscribers with useful reviews of books they have read and deep posts.

I slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon – as there was no condition and I really wanted to sleep. Possibly tired.

I did not work on a blog all day – yes, yes, I have a main job. As a break, I went to Instagram and, flipping through the feed, I came across an interesting post about working for my uncle. Many do not understand values, believe that they are very important and are constantly underpaid. Hell no! Enter the real market and you will understand your real price, which in this case will no longer be limited only to professionalism, but you will have to show your additional skills and abilities – such as communication, sales, resolving issues with taxes, documents, etc. In general, I was hooked on the post and I wrote a great, good comment and liked it. I think some people will look at my comment and possibly go to my page.

In the evening, I also started watching a video on network marketing, which one of the girls threw me off. In principle, everything is told interestingly, the duration is 2 hours – so I will watch it in fits and starts. So far, I looked for about 30 minutes and when the name of the company surfaced, I googled the reviews – everything turned out to be not as rosy as it would most likely be presented in vidos. Remember, before joining a network company, you can always search for reviews on the Internet, and not join it right away with wild cries of delight and tears from future fabulous profits. To join or not, to deceive people or not is up to you. For me personally, it is much more interesting to develop my idea, my project – but this is many times more difficult. This is my deliberate choice. I admit that advertising managers hide some of the shortcomings, highlight the merits, and sometimes they even push the complete garbage. It’s everyone’s choice – I don’t want to.

Also today I watched another story in the online format on Instagram promotion and made a conclusion for myself that it is better to publish hashtags in the comments.

Walk: 5 km

Push-ups: 20; Squats: 20 Pull-ups: 10 + 5; Dips on the uneven bars: 10 + 5

Instagram ruwolq: 6 posts; 9 subscribers; 74 followings

Instagram netwolq: 6 posts; 2 subscribers; 11 followings

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