Day 8. Yandex Zen

Created a channel on Yandex.Dzene. I will duplicate information there. In order not to be too active and not to run into some kind of ban, I flooded the first three days. During the night, some coverage, screenings and readings appeared on the channel. I will deal with this later. Most likely now the articles do not look very good, since in Zen, in addition to text, pictures are highly recommended. But I don’t have it yet – okay.

Friends were added to the Russian and English versions on Instagram, although I did not make a direct connection with my main account. Hmm, Instagram takes information from somewhere else, I will assume that from Whatsapp, since I have almost no friends and an inactive account on Facebook.

Subscribed to several Instagram accounts, hashtags. These were mainly self-development, business, business idea and model accounts. I’m not worried, I just subscribe to photos that I visually like or useful texts. I make a few subscriptions so as not to get banned. In the future, I plan to capture different areas and interests in subscriptions, just in order to see who writes about what in different areas and how they convey their thoughts. I also compared the traffic of sites for the blog and will soon register in LiveJournal (LJ) – according to the Alexa rating, it overtakes Liveinternet.

Sports: 20 push-ups; 20 squats; 5 pull-ups.

Walk: 8.2 km. Half of the walk took place under heavy snowfall – this has not happened for a long time.

In the evening, I received messages from 5 girls who I subscribed to or liked. Everyone wrote about the topic of making money, and also asked how their account attracted my attention. Eh, most likely this is put on stream and they act according to some kind of training manual – this makes it a little sad – individuality disappears :). But there was also an outstanding personality, quite so creatively and humanly approached communication, although part of the plan uses it and this is noticeable. They corresponded with someone, talked with someone by voice messages.

So, the next stage that I have outlined for today is registration in LJ. The time is now 21-27. I want to share my thoughts, or rather the tension 😀 – it’s annoying that you can’t connect the site to Yandex.Zen – you need to dial 10000 something there and have to manually duplicate notes for now.

23-42. I never got to LJ, but I talked to several more people, including friends, and sent several voice mails. In principle, voice messages are easy to communicate by voice, but I prefer text – it is easier to search for information in it later, so I won’t abuse it).

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