Day 7. Facebook

This is actually about the fifth attempt to launch the project – so the WOLQ Facebook page has already been created. I just added a link to Instagram to my contacts.

In the morning, to feel even better and more alert, I decided to start doing physical exercises again.

Push-ups: 20. Squats 20; 5 pull-ups.

Added self-development hashtags to my posts with photos. 3 photos have different tags. The other three posts have duplicate tags from the first three. Hopefully explained :-D. Since the number of likes is limited for new accounts, I put about 10 likes on other posts. Everyone writes, of course, so-so … – in most cases, these are some kind of abstract words or advertising of their business or paid courses in leadership and achievement – therefore, I was guided by pictures. Also signed up for the first account, there really was some useful information.

After a while, one of the hashtags and a subscription to one account worked. During the day I got 7 likes on the Russian version and 2 likes on the English version. You know, probably first of all I will be active on the Russian-speaking account. I am a native speaker of Russian and it is still easier for me to develop a project in it.

Time 14-23. I did some of the things, not only on the blog, but I feel tired. I decided to postpone all work and go get some fresh air.

Walk: 9.3km

Instagram: 12 subscriptions; 7 likes; 0 followers.

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