Day 6. Determining the promotion

Today is a day off – Sunday. At night I installed a child theme and injected the Google Analytics code into it. If someone needs help – you can contact me through the comments – I’ll see how I can help your blog. I myself had to sit and read. What I don’t like most in new information is the possibility of choice – when there are several ways of solving and it is not clear which one should be chosen – I still have a part of the perfectionist in me, although I already make the decision faster based on experience. In general, by the way, I tried to do everything through the plugin – that is, to solve all the issues in the simplest way. In my opinion, the normal way for making decisions for the future, which does not need to be thought about.

I checked the site in Yandex and Google . Blog pages have already been indexed and appear in the results. For some, this process can take about two weeks. To check – just enter a query like this: site: .

Pages in the index: Yandex 10 pages; Google – 19. But there are a lot of old results, as the domain has been registered for a long time and I posted other content there.

Already at this stage, seeing the difficulties with creating your blog, you could create some kind of training material and sell it or help others install blogs.

Idea: Create a ready-made website with already configured plugins and sell.

I’ll tell you a little about myself. I am not a mercantile person. Money for me is a means to achieve tasks, goals, and also to improve living conditions. I do not consider myself to be that category of people who just want to earn their own pretty penny. I’m not ready to deceive people by snatching some kind of game. I wonder how it will sound in English – it’s an idiom :). With all this, money is important, their value, as well as the value of my knowledge, I understand. In general – my blog is also a kind of value and I share it for free, you can understand some of my thoughts, as well as see the actions that I am taking.

Yes, I have big goals and ambitions. Yes, I have not yet reached them – most likely because of some internal limitations, laziness, postponing of work, a bunch of factors, and simply because life has developed that way. There were several events in my life that did not allow, held back my development, did not allow me to become what I see myself. This is all clear, but there are certain goals and I go to them.

At the moment, one of the main goals is, probably, socialization, that is, the development of connections, acquaintances with other people. When you communicate with many, it is easy to find those who will help you with the solution of a particular task that you are not able to do, and at the same time in a fairly short period of time and for little money. This is how the world works.

Okay, back to self-development. In order to socialize, I need to learn how to communicate – fill this gap, develop practice. I’ll start by creating an Instagram account. This social network allows you to create multiple accounts and that’s great. When I have only 1 account, I subconsciously want to make it perfect, I’m afraid to make a mistake that will affect the reputation of this account and me as its owner. When there are several accounts, the importance of each of them decreases. I can create one perfect account and another simple, regular one. I will not create an ideal account – I already have one :-D. Now I am planning to create a regular account that I can delete at any time without any special consequences. Also, I will not choose a name very carefully, paint some detailed information there, or look for the perfect picture for an avatar.

Temporarily put all business aside and went for a walk. A wonderful sun is shining on the street, and spring is coming soon. During the walk, I walked past the horizontal bars and did a short warm-up, literally for a few seconds. Yes, this is wrong, but still better than without her and did a couple of exercises. I rarely do them lately.

Walk: 5 km; Dips on the uneven bars: 5 times; Pull-ups: 5 times.

Here I look at the amount of text that I typed today and go nuts. Who will read this? And there are often repetitions of words. Oh, well, I’m not a writer … Three more times I thought about whether to blog in two languages ​​at once – or to be limited to just one. Some questions and obstacles – I will deal with them later, I will do as it is done.

Created an account Also uploaded 6 photos, uploaded avatars. To be honest – I don’t like everything, but there is no desire to redo it. I’ll leave it that way. In general, I will be glad if someone subscribes. I am quite open to communication at times :). No, well, honestly, I don’t always want to communicate and I probably belong more to focused introverts. Perhaps this is a surplus of the profession and in the future everything will change. In any case, I will be glad to see everyone in the subscribers.

Attendance: 2 people. 1 – from Russia (it’s me), 1 – from Ireland.

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