Day 4. Customizing the look of your blog

I went to the wordpress site early in the morning, chose a different theme and customized the look of the blog.

I spent the whole day outdoors – removing snow from the roof, and then from the entrance to the garage. At the same time, the temperature outside was from -20 to -14 degrees Celsius. Hands were a little frozen. When I came home, I immediately went to bed for a couple of hours, a lot of energy was spent.

To understand the situation – about the need to remove snow from the roof of the garage – I thought for three days. In addition to the fact that the garage is located far away – it takes about 45 minutes by bus to get to it, so I still did not have stairs to climb onto the roof. And all 3 days this task hung in my head and I really did not want to complete it. In the morning I just took a shovel, a thermos of hot tea and decided that I would go on an exploration. If I can’t get on the roof with the help of improvised means, I will look for a store nearby where they sell ladders or, in extreme cases, I will ask the chairman of the garage cooperative for a ladder, if he has one.

In the process of cleaning, I still broke a shovel – a screw fell out, so I had to look for someone who could give a screwdriver. At one of the garages I saw a parked car, knocked – and they gave me a screwdriver to tighten the screw and fix the shovel. If earlier it was uncomfortable for me to ask other people, now, if necessary, I do it quite normally. Even communication on such a small occasion helps to improve socialization and get to know other people.

Changed the name of the site and the motto. “I don’t want to do anything” -> “How to change your life”. “Notes on Self-Development and Life Change” -> “A blog about self-development in practice, not in theory.” I also decided to correct the text on the first day. All this mood is far from always and it passes. Especially if you sometimes allow yourself to just relax, postpone even important things (all the same, they are not done in such a mood) and walk every day. Exercise also helps a lot – but we’ll get to it someday in the following posts.

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