Day 2. Setting up a blog

Yesterday I created a new blog on the WordPress system. Usually, different hosting sites even have a separate button to install it – you don’t have to do almost anything, but if someone needs help – you can also feel free to ask in the comments to this post – I will help.

Today all day I was immersed in some ordinary business and there was almost no energy to blog.

It’s 23-00 now. Something needs to be done. The site has an ugly design – no posts are visible. Also in the admin panel there is a message that it would be nice to update the system. Perhaps this is what I will do – just click to update. Updated, took just a minute.

Idea 1: Create information on system installation and distribute it to users.

Idea 2: Create a second blog at once and keep it in English.

I also decided that in the future I will probably change old entries – remove unnecessary information, make out the text more beautifully, but for now I’m just writing thoughts and actions. I hope at least someone will need this and he will read it.

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