Day 1. How to change your life?

At some point in time, I realized that life has become quite measured and passes like some kind of rut from which it is impossible to get out. And I want diversity, development, to get to the top of the social pyramid, to win my place under the sun, but I don’t have enough strength, and it’s not clear where to start and how not to abandon it in a couple of days.

I decided to start from scratch. From scratch, of course, this is loudly said, but I often saw successful individuals and thought about what was behind their development, what they experienced and what actions they took. So the idea was born – to create a blog, and later on a large project. No one doubts that I can do it?

As far as I understand this life – most of all are achieved not by the smartest and most responsible hard workers. Success is probably not even perfectionism, when you do a unique and beautiful thing or an ideal project. Success, first of all, is the ability, like a ram, to go towards your goal, regardless of all those stopping factors that come your way, to be obsessed with the goal. The more we think, the less we do. You can solve all the problems as they come, and not calculate all the options for business development in advance. In such a situation, the risk is certainly higher than usual, but this option allows you to start acting instead of reasoning. In addition, it is important to remember that successful people are not closed loners, but those who are socially active and have connections.

In this blog, I plan to publish notes on how I will achieve something there from scratch, learn to communicate and interact with other people, develop useful connections, come up with some steps to change the current situation and ask the audience for advice.

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